'Trastada' Half Ton Race Yacht

Trastada Daniel Andrieu Half Ton Race Yacht


Daniel Andrieu Half Ton Race Yacht extensive refit now complete. 'Trastada' is a 1986 Daniel Andrieu designed half ton race yacht, formerly called 'Ragtime 4'. Boat loaded up and bound for Northern Brittany for the 2014 Half Ton Cup Race Week.



'Trastada' having just arrived at Largs Yacht Haven after delivery trip from Black Pool. She was originally blue!


The start of the project, 'Trastada' being prepped for spray paint work and having all of her deck gear removed to be replaced with all new Harken deck gear!



Deck gear removed from cockpit and all holes to be filled!!!



The start of filling the holes left by deck gear removal. All holes to be filled, fared and made ready for spray painting. 



More holes, even the window openings were filled and fared!



'Trastada' now ready for spray paint work!



Rudder being filled and fared to remove and imperfections in the surface.



Rudder ready for spray painting.



Spray painting work being completed.



Painting work now complete and boat being moved to James Watt Dock Marina for final phase of race preparation.



'Trastada' loaded up and being moved to Greenock.



At James Watt Dock Marina Greenock and being made ready for IRC weigh in.



'Trastada' being measured in the water for bow and stern overhangs. Also test sail completed at this stage to make sure new rig and sails fit and that the new deck gear is fitted in the correct locations! All going to plan and everything is starting to come together. 'Trastada' is starting to look like a real contender for the Half Ton Cup!



New go faster stripes fitted by Autograph and the job list in the back ground lying against the pillar beside the Landrover.



The 'Trastada' job list! All jobs now complete!!!



'Trastada' loaded up and ready for her trundle down the motorway to the south coast and the over the channel to Northern Brittany, France.

Bon Chance 'Trastada' , Roddy and crew!