Trastada Half Ton Race Yacht

The brief for this refit was to reinstate a 1986 Daniel Andrieu Half Ton Race yacht.  Originally a blue hull she was to be changed to a white hull and to make her race ready for this years 2014 Half Ton Cup in Saint Quay Portrieux Northern Brittany France for the owner Mr Roddy Angus. A new mast and all new Harken deck gear was to be fitted in new locations on deck. The timescale was tight but we were able to accommodate this refit and make it happen.

The boat was delivered up from Liverpool by her former owner to Largs Yacht Haven where we began the project. Here we removed her mast and made her ready to be delivered to Sandpoint Marina Dumbarton where we would carry out the majority of the refit work.


... and finally the finished result at James Watt Dock Marina, Greenock.


Boat just arrived at Sandpoint Marina Dumbarton and awaiting hoist to lift her out and put her in her shed for the next three months.



In the shed and refit begins.



All deck gear has been removed and all holes on the boat are filled and fared and made ready for the spray painting job.



All holes on deck and coachroof are epoxy filled and reinforced where required.



Holes being filled and fared.



Rudder being filled and fared to the required profile.



Rudder now ready for epoxy paint.



All holes now filled and fared and the hull is ready for spray painting.



Spray painting commences.



Spray painting now complete and the start of fitting her out with the new deck gear.



Trastada loaded up and ready to be moved to James Watt Dock Marina for the final stages of her refit and her IRC weigh in and measurement.



Trastada now at James Watt Dock Marina.


In the water for her test sail, unfortunately no wind but at least the sails could be hoisted and checked on the boat for positioning of the new deck gear. All looking good!



Final prep work just before she hits the road. New graphics fitted by Autograph.



All loaded up on her new trailer.


Leaving Greenock and bound for Northern Brittany France - Bon chance Trastada, Roddy and crew!



Finally .....

The job list - all now complete!!!